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“The Silvas are both excellent instructors. They teach a solid method balancing repetoire, theory, and technique. We are spoiled now by their organization and thoroughness in teaching, while keeping things fun. We have learned alot and have progressed much more quickly than anticipated. They both play as wonderfully as they teach. You’ll be happy you checked them out.”
a Yahoo Local user

“The best ever!!!”
Lisa H.

Best piano teachers ever! Kids love the whole family!
Noi H.

Silva Piano Studios offers ‘above the bar’ piano instruction. A unique piano studio where you will find no less than three concert grand pianos that lessons are given on. My son began lessons when he was in second grade with the Silvas’. They inspired and opened up a world of music and appreciation of it to him and our entire family. He is now a senior and has benefited greatly from being under their tutelage. They train students to be true musicians. Never disappointed and worth every cent.
Patrice T.