Lessons Include:

  • Applied Theory (leads to note-reading)
  • Solfege Training: (Unique to the Silva Piano Method)
  • Ear Training
  • Technique
  • Scales and Arpeggios
  • Rhythm Training
  • Weekly Sight Reading Assignments
  • Progressive Repertoire (and it’s great!)
  • Chord Progressions and “Jazz Chords”
  • Performances
  • Have opportunities to receive additional instruction besides weekly, private lessons

Performance Opportunities

Students have performance opportunities in various venues during the year.


There’s nothing better than learning fast! The Silva Piano Method has all the details you need to practice and for parents to check. There’s a cd with the pieces you are learning and you can sing along using the do- re -mi- notes. A number of parents observing their kid’s lessons have learned how to play just by practicing too! We encourage parents to sit in at the lessons.

Scheduling advantage:

Sibling students may have lessons at the same time, one with either Dr. or Mrs. Silva in a separate studio!

Tuition: Flexible payment options, by the month or by the year divided into 2 term payments (discount).


Frequently Asked Questions

How long are lessons?
Beginners have a half-hour lesson once a week. Intermediate and advanced students usually have a 45 minute lesson.
What age do you recommend for children to start?
Around age 5. It all depends on the child’s ability to follow instructions and stay focused for short periods of time. We may determine readiness at your free lesson!
What is your teaching schedule?
Monday-Friday after school through the evening times. Certain mornings are set aside for adult and homeschool students. Most Saturdays are reserved for make up lessons.
What is your policy for missed lessons?
24 hour notice and sick students will receive a make up lesson either on Saturdays or during make up lesson times during the term.
How do you schedule families with siblings?
They can have a lesson at the same time: one with Dr. Silva and the other with Mrs. Silva!
Do you have summer lessons?
Yes. We typically offer 6-10 weeks of summer lessons and announce the scheduling by the end of the Spring Term.
When do students learn how to read music?
Sometime during Book One! Everyone learns at a different pace mostly based on how often and HOW they practice. Rote learning is effective and is combined with applied theory to lead to note reading. This includes ear training, interval recognition, writing music, playing rhythms and solfege training. Each student receives a sightreading book when they complete the applied theory during book 1. Everyone is reading by the time they begin Book 2 at which time they are no longer beginners.
What is included besides the private lesson?
Assignment folder and customized weekly assignment charts, performance opportunities at various venues, additional instruction, competitions for students who achieve advanced levels of artistry and hear performances by the Silvas.
“The Silvas are both excellent instructors. They teach a solid method balancing repetoire, theory, and technique. We are spoiled now by their organization and thoroughness in teaching, while keeping things fun. We have learned alot and have progressed much more quickly than anticipated. They both play as wonderfully as they teach. You’ll be happy you checked them out.”
a Yahoo Local user

“The best ever!!!”
Lisa H.

Best piano teachers ever! Kids love the whole family!
Noi H.

Silva Piano Studios offers ‘above the bar’ piano instruction. A unique piano studio where you will find no less than three concert grand pianos that lessons are given on. My son began lessons when he was in second grade with the Silvas’. They inspired and opened up a world of music and appreciation of it to him and our entire family. He is now a senior and has benefited greatly from being under their tutelage. They train students to be true musicians. Never disappointed and worth every cent.

Patrice T.

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