December Activities:

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break! Please note in the calendar in your folders and on the websites, we are still on break this week. Lessons resume next Monday, December 5. The last day of Fall Term lessons is December 15, immediately followed by make up lesson week.  Spring Term 2024 begins January 15.

  • December Recitals are on 2 separate weekends

December student recitals will be held at the Blackwell Road studios and will take place on December 10 (Sunday) and December 16 (Saturday the following weekend). Choose one of 3 recital times available on each date. 10am, 1pm, 3pm.

Please let your teacher know which of the 6 recitals you plan to attend and the repertoire to be performed by December 3rd.  Also let your teacher know which Pianothon dates you wish to perform in. You may perform your recital pieces and other repertoire list pieces.

Parking: please come a couple of minutes early and parking is in front of the house in the gravel lot and throughout the backyard (gravel base). Please be careful and watch for little children when driving and parking. The dress for the recitals is casual Sunday attire, reception following. You are welcome to video record your student’s performance.

  • Pianothon (Performances at Town Center Mall, 15-17 December)

Pianothon is a student recital series at Town Center Mall in which students of the Cobb County Music Teachers Association (CCMTA) have an opportunity to perform in public. This event spans the course of 3 days, December 15-17. The Silvas are providing a brand-new Ritmuller baby grand piano from their inventory of pianos for sale. Students are welcome to play at one or more of the time slots our studio has signed up for (2 evening slots and one early afternoon).

Pianothon performance times for our students will be held at Town Center Mall at the Belk entrance on the lower floor. Please inform your teacher which recitals you plan to attend. Recitals are appropriate for ALL ages and levels. For: Piano, voice violin, viola and other instruments (piano must accompany other instruments). This is a lot of fun for the students and you are all ready to perform!

Friday, the 15th at 7:15-8 pm

Saturday, the 16th at 7:15-8pm

Sunday, the 17th at 12:15pm -1pm.

The Saturday Pianothon performances will coincide with the Saturday recital date, however it will be in the evening.

  • Other Announcements     

The Silvas will be performing a concert in Historic Brunswick, Georgia on December 2nd. Links to information about our Music Festival and next concert:


Important Admin for All Students and Parents:

Check into the Student Portal for studio-only announcements.

  • Make sure you are on the Remind App for occasional text announcements. Check the Student Portal for your link to our school on the app. You will find this very handy when we have important announcements.
  •  All Silva Music students should join our members-only, studio community social and learning website, with additional instruction, videos, documents, calendars, forums, news feed and more! This website is designed for you to take advantage of being enrolled in our studios. Details are on the Student Portal.
  • Always make sure your contact information is up-to-date, including  cell phone, email and home mailing address. If anything changes, please let your teacher know.
  • Please read the Studio Policy which is in the green Yearbook, on the Silva Music Group website and on the Student Portal.