Fall Term ’23 Registration Begins

Fall Term Lessons Start Monday, August 21st

Fall 2023 Registration is open! We will try to keep your teacher the same as last year. Choose your top 3 days and try to give us a time frame for each day. Click on the Registration Form either in the Studio Social Website or find it on the Student Portal to fill out. You may find the Calendar, Tuition and Studio Policy in both locations. You may text or email your registration form to the studio phone number or email and follow the instructions for tuition. Make sure you are connected in the Remind App as well and the instructions to join are on the Student Portal. Both Remind and the Studio Social Website are key for being connected!

Changes this coming year:

1. Mr. Justin will be appointed as Music Teacher at Tucker Middle School and sadly, he will be leaving his private students for this exciting job position. We will all miss him dearly and wish him much success!

2. Mr. Dorian’s teaching schedule will be disrupted temporarily to complete duties with the Georgia National Guard for a month in August where he will be deployed to the Republic of Georgia and in December, will be deployed to Kuwait for a year. He plans to return to teach cello and piano and help run the studio operations. We will see him off and on until the longer deployment with a concert or two coming up!

3. We are welcoming our new violin, viola and piano teacher, Mariya Tsvetkova. We will formally introduce her as soon as we put together all her information. She comes to us with years of experience and European training and are very fortunate to have her join our faculty. Some of our students will be fortunate enough to begin learning violin with her this coming term!

The students of both teachers will be redistributed to Dr. Silva, Mrs. Silva, Dr. Guo and Mrs. Tsvetkova based on playing level and schedule availability that matches the students’ preferences and teacher availability at those times.

Stay tuned for some upcoming special events before the Fall Term starts. We look forward to seeing you soon!