Announcements, August 18, 2022

Fall Term 2022 Begins Monday, August 22

 We have been organizing your lesson day/time requests and are making sure new students are getting into our teaching schedules. We have been and are still confirming everyone’s times!

All students should have a green booklet with all the calendars, tuition information and policy through Spring Term 2024. All this information is also on the website’s Student Portal. Check your email (and junk folder) for the latest registration email which also contains the password to the portal.

We look forward to a year filled with learning, great progress, awesome music and success all the way around, both personally and academically. See you next week!

2 days of Open House at Silva Music!

  •  Saturday, Aug 20 Open House will be at the Hawkins Store Studios 2pm-5pm! Open Master Class for all our students that wish to perform! Open for all levels-even if you have had one or two lessons, come and play! You will learn something!
  • Additionally, brand new pianos, uprights and grands are for sale! We hand-picked these excellent instruments for our students at discount prices just for them. After the sale, we will offer them at the retail prices to the public. Check out the instruments at Hawkins during the Saturday Open House and the pianos at Blackwell on Sunday.
  • Sunday, Aug 21 Open House will be at the Blackwell Road Studios 2pm-5pm! Meet and greet with the faculty.

Remind App

This year, we are going to give the Remind App a try for occasional important studio reminders or a link to an announcement, resource or other event. This will  take place at the studio level and ALL students/parents will be reached. Teachers will continue to communicate by text and email with their own students. It has worked successfully and we will keep this mode of communication in place.

Student Portal

Student Portal contains admin documents for the studio as well as recordings that go with our Book One and other student resources. You will find the Calendars, Policy and Tuition and Fees, good through Spring Term 2024. The password to the portal is in the last email you received. Please note: Lately, access to the portal has been a problem due to an update to word press. We are continuing to solve the technical issues or will  create a work around. Meanwhile, we will provide links and other information as needed.