Announcements May 3, 2022

May Recitals and Summer Term coming up!

We want to congratulate our students at Silva Music Studios on their awesome progress at the piano and cello for the past year. You will have a chance to share your accomplishments at the upcoming recitals at the end of this week,  Mother’s Day weekend, May 7 & 8. If you haven’t already, sign up for the recital time you want – click on the button in the Student Portal .

Make up lessons begin May 16, which coincides with the first week of Summer Term.

Summer Lessons:

The Calendar and Fees for Summer Term are on the Student Portal.  Summer lesson scheduling is flexible and students may choose as many lessons as they wish until Fall Term begins. Summer lesson rates are by-the-lesson. Check with your instructor to schedule your summer lesson times directly with them. If you wish to have lessons during a week your instructor is not in, you may arrange a lesson with another teacher on our faculty. Contact us on  the studio phone number, 770-565-7177. 

Student Portal:

Student Portal contains admin documents for the studio as well as recordings and other student resources. You will find the Calendars and the updated Policy and Tuition and Fees, good through Spring Term 2024. The password to the portal is in the last email you received.