We are thrilled to announce that we have four new teachers joining our studios! Check out all the bios on the team page on our website. We welcome Dr. Grant Gilman (violin and viola), Tsai-Wei Li (doctoral candidate, piano), Lingyi Guo (doctoral candidate, piano) and Dorian Silva, (cello and level one piano). Teacher training on the Silva Piano Method is ongoing and we are certain that students will be happy to have our wonderful, high-level instructors directing their musical education. 

This is a great time to sign up for strings lessons, especially if you are enrolled or planning to join your school orchestra program or local youth symphony. Our strings faculty will be available for section coaching, audition preparation, or other musical needs. Check out Grant’s website and listen to a podcast (or two!) https://www.grantgilman.com/

Fall Term Information

Starting this Fall Term, we will be utilizing 7 teaching studio spaces, 3 at our Blackwell Road Studios and 4 at Hawkins Store Road. Our Hawkins studio location is only a few miles away from our the Blackwell studios. 

We are scheduling free auditions/lessons for prospective students on an on-going basis.

Students: please check your email for registration information. Make sure our message doesn’t go to promotions or junk mail so you don’t miss announcements. The Student Portal has the registration form in case you didn’t get your email.

We look forward to seeing everyone next week!