photo of teaching studio with 2 pianos and clear plexiglass in between them.

New year, new term and latest news

We wish to give a warm welcome to our new and returning students. We are looking forward to seeing you at your lessons either in person or online. We are now back operating 3 studios at our Blackwell Road location. Ms. Emily continues to teach exclusively online until such time she can be back in person. We are happy to announce that she is newly married and her name is now updated to Emily Eldridge.

Besides wearing masks, we are doing what we can to keep distancing possible by placing at least 2 pianos in each studio. The large studio actually has a grand piano placed in between the 2 pianos used for the teacher and student. That studio has a distance of 8-10 feet. The other 2 studios has clear plexiglass between the instructor and the student’s instruments. Before the students touch the piano, the instructors wipe all surfaces on the keyboard and seat adjustment knobs. Spray hand sanitizers are utilized constantly and before exchanging teaching folders, books and materials as necessary. Both students and teachers are prepared to immediately switch to an online lesson during the scheduled lesson time if a student needs to stay at home for an illness or other reason.

Since April of 2020, the protocols have been working well. Especially for children, it has been a privilege to come in person and be with us and for us to see them. Online learning is working out successfully, but it has challenges for advanced students due to the streaming audio quality and video sharing is a viable work around in this case. We look forward to the time that our recitals can be back in person. For the time being, our private Facebook Group has worked well enough for the students that participated in sharing their recital pieces and watched the listening assignments.

Playing music has been really great for everyone during the past year and has had such a positive impact. Let’s keep the stoke and continue to stay healthy as well!