Fall Term Registration 2019 and Other News

many hands waving

Welcome back, students! Fall Term Registration is underway. This week, we are wrapping up Summer Term lessons and meeting with the last group of prospective new students. You will receive a registration email with additional information that’s not already on the Student Portal.

You can get a head start by signing in to the Student Portal, to download your registration information to send to us along with your admin fee and the first month’s or term tuition. Check your previous e-newsletters from us or your interview checklist for the password. Good news- this year, the tuition and fees are the same as last year. We will make a rough draft of the schedule and continue to adjust it during our trip to Bulgaria. During the first 3 weeks of August, we will be in contact by email and reinforced through website announcements, on the Student Portal and general announcements on Facebook. Everyone’s lesson times will be confirmed or adjusted via email as the Fall Term start date approaches. The calendar is not up just yet, but we will follow the Cobb County Schools.

We are happy to announce that our associate teacher, Emily Grooms (BA Georgia State University) will be joining us again on our teaching staff! She will hold down the fort at the Studios while we are gone and report back to us as your registrations come in. More to come about Ms. Emily later…

We look forward to seeing everyone beginning August 20th!

Until soon, Dr. Francisco Silva, Mrs. Mireille (Mimi) Silva, Ms. Emily Grooms and Dorian Silva (cello)