Nathan in Europe

Nathan in Europe next to Mozart’s statue.

We hope you all had a great summer! A number of our students traveled far and wide and we have the following reports from Nathan, Abby and Oak. We are sure to get updates from other students as well!

First, here is the report from Europe submitted by Nathan’s mom:

While we were catching a train in Venice, there was a piano in the train station and Nathan started playing all the songs he knows (a few he was a little rusty on) & people from all over the station stopped and watched him play.  He had quite a large crowd around him taking video and pictures.  They came up to him after and wanted to shake his hand and tell him what a great job he did.  It was pretty cool.  His dad told him, “Never forget at the age of 16 you played on a piano from Czechoslovakia in a train station in Venice”.

Next is the report from Abby’s mom:

We’re in Florida and the breakfast place has a 200 year old piano that Abby played on. She played Arabesque. The piano didn’t sound so good but she had fun.

Abby at the piano in FL

Abby performs in Florida.

Oak came to see us in between his MANY music activities this summer! After an Organ Camp in Oregon, he made his way to Spain and Portugal with the Georgia Boy’s Choir and performed with them on the organ. Then back to the states to attend another music camp at the Cincinnati Conservatory. At this writing, he is now at the renowned Interlochen Music Camp in Michigan for the top young artists around the country (and world)! He is studying piano and organ. He is having a piano lesson and organ lesson everyday. Then he has to practice to be ready for the next day! Hopefully, we will get some more photos from his experiences.

Oak and Dr. Silva during visit in between music travels.

Oak and Dr. Silva during visit in between music travels.